Heroes Only

Laughter Power: Bug-eyed stares and flappy neck wattle.

Weakness: Sunlight. Legally binding contractual obligations.

Born and raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Keith Cavey’s life took a turn for the militant when a Marine Corps recruiter got him to sign on the dotted line in August of 2001. To his good fortune, absolutely nothing scary happened to our country shortly thereafter, and Keith was able to serve out his eight years in peace and quiet. Patriotically, he never forgot anything important happening shortly after enlisting. When he returned to Cleveland in 2009, Keith (an unapologetic atheist) saw absolutely nothing ironic or funny in enrolling in Notre Dame College (an unapologetic Catholic institution) with the goal of becoming a male nurse.

It was in college that he became involved in theatre and met Patrick Ciamacco during productions of The Laramie Project and The Temp. After getting word that Pat was starting up a hot new theatre, Keith jumped at the chance to get stabbed in the neck repeatedly as part of The Texas Chainsaw Musical!

When he is not acting, Keith plays downtown at Cleveland’s popular E. 4th Street as the piano player in Pickwick & Frolic’s burlesque show. Additionally, he performs monthly as a solo pianist at Society Bar (also on E. 4th Street). When not playing piano, Keith works as a Registered Nurse in the Surgical ICU at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus. It’s a stinky job, but somebody’s got to do it.