Heroes Only

Laughter Power: Physical Comedy and Rage Mode.

Weakness:  Renaissance Festivals and World of Warcraft.

Billy was born in Spangler, PA but was quickly shuttled to the east side of Cleveland at the age of 2.  He is a proud Alumni of both the West Geauga School Systems and John Carroll University where he balanced varsity athletics, academics, and his passion for performing.  He performed in many productions at JCU as well as the university's a cappella group Rhapsody Blue.  He was a sub-par wrestler earning a varsity record of 2-2 at the 184 weight class.  He wants to let his parents know that he tried really hard though.  He also wants to apologize to them for not using his degree in Biology. Whoops.

After his schooling he worked at Cedar Point for two and a half years singing a bunch of cheesy country songs and then wasted the money he earned on cheap crappy drinks at awful bars in Sandusky, OH.  After Cedar Point, He worked at Shadowbox Live for 4 years operating as the punch-line guy for many sketches.  He achieved some speaking roles like Rocky in The Rocky Horror Show, Jesus in Reefer Madness, Gordon in Rent, and Rapunzel's Prince in Into the Woods.  He'd like to thank his Sister, Megan DePetro for her endless support and encouragement. He'd also like to thank his girlfriend for fake laughing at my bad jokes and also his parents for not using protection on that fateful night at the beginning of August in 1984.