Heroes Only


Laughter Power: Strange characters and skilled in the ways of the straight man.

Weakness: Cinnamon powdered doughnuts.


Joe Ciamacco was born in Parma, Ohio but spent most of his childhood in the city of Brunswick. Joe graduated from Brunswick High School in 1999. It was during this time that Joe began to master the art of being the “straight man”. This is mostly due to the fact that he was working opposite two of the largest clowns around, his brother Patrick Ciamacco and good friend Joe Kenderes. Even though Joe makes the perfect straight man, he is also a master of characters. Joe is able to create the most detailed character out of any poorly written script. It is this gift that makes him a perfect addition to the Laughter League. Joe’s biggest influence comes from watching Mad TV and SNL during the days of Mike Myers, Chris Farley and Phil Hartman. Currently Joe works in operations for a freight company in Westlake.

As well as being a gifted comedian, Joe Ciamacco is also a talented actor. He has been seen around the Cleveland area in many productions. Such productions include; Why Do We Laugh, West Side Story, Sweeney Todd, Enter Laughing , A Tuna Christmas & The Crucible. Joe has also been known to dabble with Shakespeare, where he played Demetrius in A Midsummer Nights Dream as well as performing in the Cleveland Opera’s production of Romeo & Juliet.