Heroes Only

Allsafe Insurance - A parody on all those dumb insurance commercials you always see.

Alltel Guy - A parody of the commercial with Chad and his buddies. Only this adds a little. 

AT&T  1 - A spoof on a series of AT&T commercials.

AT&T  2 - A spoof on a series of AT&T commercials

AT&T  3 - A spoof on a series of AT&T commercials.

Auditions Part 1 - Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) auditions for a new musical. This sketch was done before Neil made his return to the spotlight.

Auditions Part 2 - Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) decides he needs the work and returns to the auditions he walked out of.

Balloon Guy - An unemployed man who just lost his wife attempts to make some money making balloon animals at his nephews birthday party.

Balloon Guy Xmas - The Balloon Animal Guy performs at a kid's holiday party.

Behind the FBI - The Laughter League gives you look behind the scenes of the FBI.

Breakfast Carnage 1 - A spoof on a classic breakfast commercial.

Breakfast Carnage 2 - A spoof on a classic breakfast commercial.

Breakfast Carnage 3 - A spoof on a classic coffee commercial.

Camping Night - This is a sequel to "Poker Night". Just a crazy bunch of guys go camping and Cody decides to give them another chance.

Chipotle Lava Sauce - This is a sketch about a fake sauce that Chipotle puts on their burrito. FYI ~ This sketch was written and performed BEFORE Taco Bell came out with their lava sauce. Who knew the Laughter League writers were marketing gurus!!

A Christmas Carol - A new take on the classic Christmas Carol... starring George W. Bush.

Christmas Retold - An old janitor is asked to fill in and tell the annual Christmas story to the church children after the priest can't make it.

Club Uterus - Every semen is dying to get into this club!

CSI: Sesame Street - David Caruso tries to solve a murder on Sesame Street. Elmo is the only witness.

Dog King - A new King has taken the throne. The peasants await their new king.

Drummer Boy - The Laughter League's take on The Little Drummer Boy.

Fat Dietician - A man visits a dietician in order to lose some unwanted pounds

Fishing with the Stars - A parody of all of the shows like Dancing with the Stars.

Great Lakes Gentlemen - A song dedicated and performed by the Laughter League in honor of Cleveland's Great Lakes Brewery Christmas Ale. Yummy stuff!

It’s a more Wonderful Life - A spoof of the classic It's a Wonderful Life.

James Blunt - How James Blunt began his career.

James Blunt 2.0 - A sequel to the original sketch. James Blunt and Mr. Rothrock are at it again.

Kay Jewelers - A spoof of the Kay Jeweler's commercials that air on TV. "Every kiss begins with Kay"

Miracle on 34th Street - A spoof of the classic Miracle on 34th street.

MovieFone - The MovieFone guy, Russ Leatherman, goes on a date.

Olympic Dance-Off - The year is 2016 and the there is a new sport in the Olympic Games...interpretive dance. Two teams fight for the gold. Only one will win.

The Opening (Music Man Parody) - This is the opening to the Laughter League March show. It is a parody of the famous opening to the classic musical The Music Man.

The Other Man Law Group - A parody on the well known Man Law commercials.

PacMan Reunion - PacMan invites the ghosts over to apologize for years of eating them.

Promiscuous Paula - A very promiscuous girl named Paula is on a first date with a new guy at her usual hangout.

Pterodactyl: The Gay Dinosaur - A look into the past based on a crazy professor's theory.

The Rhythm Strangler - There is a new serial killer on the streets. Look out, it's gonna get you.

Santa’s Comeback - Santa's elves try to break the news to him that he is not as poular as he once was.

Sausagefest - The Oxygen Channel takes a look at what it is like to be the only woman at a party, surrounded by men.

Scrooge Makes Amends - Scrooge makes amends after being visited by three spirits... or does he?

Seth’s Inner Voice - Seth's Inner Voice begins to make him question why he was asked to join The Laughter League.

Straight-Gay - Two mad scientists splice together the DNA of a gay man and a straight man. This is the moment their creature comes to life.

Subway 2.0 - A man enters a subway car to find out that, just as his friend suggested, riding the subway is a very different experience now.

Support Group - A group of men meet at a doctor's home in order to support each other and their troubles.

Suspicious Package - A new trend to speed up the security check at the aiport creates an interesting flight for one passenger.

Taco Bell Bag - Ever wonder how Taco bell fit all twelve of your buddies' orders in just one bag? This sketch explores the many uses of the giant Taco Bell Bag.

Theodore’s Balls - A spoof on Alvin and the chipmunk's.

U-scan It - A self scanning machine at a grocery store gets a little too personal.

Vegas (Part 1) - Everyone knows what happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas.

Verizon Call - See the other side of the famous Verizon call.

White Christmas - Inside an area prison a guard and an inmate sing a chirstmas song to pass the time.

Xmas Show Opening - The opening to The Laughter League's Holiday Show. The Rockettes were on strike... so The Laughter League, in order to save Christmas, took their place.