Heroes Only

Laughter power: Looking stupid.

Weakness: Looking stupid.

Having been born and raised in Cleveland,  Perren never fails to see the funny, entertaining, hilarious, absurd, and ultimately fun things about his city.  The ‘beginnings’ of the Laughter League feel  close to him, like yesterday these same great friends were cracking him up at some party, or the theatre, or someone’s backyard in the distant kingdom of Brunswick.  We should all have robots that then touch all their robot  parts together to make one sweet robot, that then we throw parties in! 

Perren has been performing for 20 years in Cleveland with a 2 year stint New Mexico.  Most recently as a stand in for Marvel’s ’Captain America Winter Solider’, and Eddy in ‘The Texas Chainsaw Musical’ at Blank Canvas Theatre.  He also stared in ‘Hero Tomorrow’ as the Apama/David.  Heroes, crazy, spandex!  Sounds like C Town! 

Perren is the Assistant Technical Director and Video Effects Producer at Near West Theatre.  He can also make a very good drink.